The "Serine Protease, Inflammation, Glial cells (SPrInG)" team focuses on neuroinflammation of CNS white matter, particularly in the context of animal models of multiple sclerosis.

We concentrate our efforts on the role of CNS barriers (blood/brain barrier, blood/spinal cord barrier, blood/CSF barrier) in the physiopathology of multiple sclerosis with two main objectives:

1/ To design novel diagnosis and prognosis tools for the follow-up of disease activity in animal models of multiple sclerosis. For that, we develop methods to detect neuroendothelial activation and inflammation at CNS barriers by molecular MRI.

2/ To develop new therapeutic approaches to stop multiple sclerosis. Our most advanced strategy consists in a monoclonal antibody (Glunomab®) which blocks leukocytes entry to the CNS in animal models of multiple sclerosis.

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